Welcome to a new, visual perspective on the world of Philately.

Storytelling, history, and postage stamps proves to be a powerful and exciting combination. Welcome to the JET Philatelics YouTube channel.

Channel Features

Quality and Quantity

The JET Philatelics channel provides both high quality audio and video uploads to YouTube for the purpose of promoting and engaging in the philatelic hobby. Not only will the JET Philatelics channel have frequent uploads, but each episode will be shot in high quality video with a dedicated external microphone to give the audience clear visuals and crisp audio.

Community Engagement

Understanding and recognizing the audience is crucial for any channel, which is why JET Philatelics will be focused on giving back to the audience through frequent giveaways of philatelic items (including stamps, covers, etc.) as well as vibrant community discussions about philately on social media. This will also include discussions about articles posted on jetphilatelics.com, of which will be reviewed on the YouTube channel in future episodes.

A 2-in-1 Experience

With JET Philatelics, the audio from each video is published separately for The JET Philatelics Podcast, in addition to regularly published podcast episodes. This allows viewers and listeners to enjoy the JET Philatelics channel on-the-go, or whenever listening to audio only is preferred. This makes the show both more enjoyable and accessible to those who prefer one media format over the other.

A Sense of Inspiration

Following the footsteps of the great stamp collecting YouTube channels, this channel is designed to give you a sense of philatelic inspiration with every video, from start-to-finish. Inspiring philatelists to enhance their knowledge is part of the purpose of this channel. Whether it inspires you to expand your collection, or begin one in the first place, this channel will be considered a success if it can positively affect just one person’s interest in philately.

Series Episodes

Certain JET Philatelics YouTube videos described here will follow a particular theme in a successive series format. New series episodes will be added in the future.

General Episodes on JET Philatelics

General Episodes are episodes that are not included in any other specific series. This includes, but is not limited to: stories and historical discussions of stamps, covers, cachets, philatelic individuals and organizations, and more. Using a methodical and detail-oriented approach, viewers can both enjoy quality visual content, and learn unique history at the same time. Most of the videos on the JET Philatelics YouTube channel will be among the “General Episodes” series.

The “Commonplace Collecting” Series

As the goal of the JET Philatelics channel is to provide a different and unique perspective on the world of philately, this series does just that. “Commonplace Collecting” episodes focus on the stories of ordinary, regular, and everyday postage stamps that collectors can learn from. While the rarities in the philatelic world are exciting, this series focuses solely on the many thousands of commonplace stamps that tell an interesting story and share a fascinating history you may not have heard of before.